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What is Mana Spores?

Rooted deeply within the vibrant tapestry of Hawaiian culture and spirituality, "Mana" is a profound and multifaceted term. Simply put, Mana is the spiritual energy and universal life force that courses through the natural world.  It is a divine power and flows through all living things.   

The mycelial network of fungi weave a web of communication within the pulse of the Earth.  And the "spores" of the fungi are the silent architects that facilitate the cycle of life:  growth, healing and renewal, decay, new life, and the cycle continues. 

In combining the power of Mana with the magic of mushrooms, we can achieve ultimate balance between the spiritual life force that exists everywhere, and the neural network of the planet we call home.   Welcome to the divine dance, where the sprit of the islands joins with the wisdom of fungi, unlocking a world of total holistic well-being.